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30Bellevue is located in the North Towne neighborhood of Bellevue next to St. Luke’s Lutheran Church. The building has 63 affordable apartments ranging from one- to three-bedrooms and was built to achieve Washington State Evergreen standards for energy efficiency. 30Bellevue has four residential floors with a parking garage and two community rooms. The development was built on underutilized land and shares a campus with St. Luke’s Lutheran Church of Bellevue.

The project’s overall plan and thoughtfully chosen location provide a community of support, with access to jobs, schools, transportation, and services for families and individuals in North Bellevue. In partnership with St. Luke’s Lutheran Church, this community will have easy access to public transit and wireless internet in common areas. A nature preserve is located behind the property, providing a serene view for the residents.

Client: Imagine Housing
Location: Bellevue, Washington
Program: 63 affordable apartments