Hansen Building


This rehabilitation project included the voluntary seismic upgrade of the Hansen Building. Located in old Ballard at the corner of Ballard Avenue and NW Dock Place, the Hansen Building is one of Ballard’s oldest buildings and the first designated historic landmark in Ballard.

After receiving a grant from the 4Culture/King County Building for Culture: Saving Landmarks 2015 initiative for seismic work, the building owners leveraged additional backing for the project from a 20% Tax Credit through the National Park Service and 4Culture’s 2016 Landmarks Capital to fund a roof replacement related to the seismic retrofit.

The project involved contractors tying the walls to the floors and roof, installing steel bracing inside the storefront window, reinforcing the parapet, and repointing the masonry. Part of the roof replacement included a reinstallation of the existing solar panels, the first to be installed in Historic Ballard. C.C. Filson Company opened a Ballard location in the Hansen Building at the end of 2016.

Client: Dock Street Properties LLC
Location: Seattle, Washington
Program: Seismic retrofit of two-story building
Highlights: Funded through 4Culture/King County Building for Culture: Saving Landmarks Grant; Historic Seattle Preservation Awards’ 2018 Best Rehabilitation Project