Cosecha Court II

Cosecha Court II is a seasonal family farmworker development in Granger, WA.


Yakima Housing Authority


Granger, Washington


Cosecha Court II is owned and operated by the Yakima Housing Authority with the Office of Rural and Farmworker Housing assisting with the project development. The project includes two buildings, each with three units. Every unit has four bedrooms with four beds per bedroom and can house up to 16 persons. The units feature a full kitchen, bathrooms, and common areas. Together, the six units provide 96 beds of low-income housing for farmworkers from April through November and for homeless families during the winter months. The project is located on a formerly vacant 4.42-acre parcel on Cherry Hill Road in Granger, WA and was funded in part by WSHFC Low Income Housing Tax Credits.


96-bed housing facility for seasonal H2A farmworkers during summer months and homeless families during winter months; Recipient of a 2019 Judges Special Award of Excellence from the Gold Nugget Awards

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