Bremer Apartments Recognized in Historic Seattle Preservation Awards

September 21, 2022

The Bremer Apartments will be recognized in this year’s Historic Seattle Preservation Awards in the Outstanding Stewardship category. The Bremer Apartments rehabilitation project illustrates how historic preservation can be used as both a strategy for retaining affordable housing stock, while at the same time addressing the critical issue of the climate crisis through the utilization of the embodied carbon already extant in the building. Retention of affordable units through preservation is one means to keep communities economically diverse and maintain units proximate to employment, city services, and amenities. Community Roots Housing’s commitment to minimizing displacement through reinvestment in existing structures serves to retain both the character of our neighborhoods and our communities. The award will be presented during Historic Seattle’s Preservation Celebration Benefit on September 21st. More information about the awards program and this year’s winners is available here.