SMR Projects

SMR’s work is focused on affordable housing; we have completed more than 160 multi-family housing projects for non- profit and public agency clients, amounting to more than 13,100 units of affordable housing.
SMR has a long and successful history partnering with local, non-profit entities on a number of developments, varying in project type and program. In fact, more than 90 percent of the work we create is for non-profit clients, including private and public affordable housing developers, faith-based organizations, and historic preservation advocacy groups. In many cases, we work with multiple client groups that team together to achieve a unified set of development goals. We have experience designing for a wide variety of low-income populations, including families, seniors, immigrants, the formerly homeless, and the physically and mentally disabled. When designing for these populations, we use all of the skills and knowledge we have developed to create beautiful, functional, safe, and durable buildings that enhance the lives of residents. When we meet with resident groups, we set aside our assumptions and focus and listen to what people tell us – sometimes through translators – about their ideas, preferences, and cultural values. There is always something that improves the design.

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